EmPOWERment, Inc. is 501(c)3 non-profit agency. In order to continue to provide the services
                            and opportunities that carry out our mission to support and empower our surrounding
                            communities, we rely on grants and donations from dedicated and generous individuals just
                            like you.

                           Please consider that any amount you are willing and able to contribute today could help a
                           low to moderate income youth find employment and life skills training for the summer; it
                           could help provide education to first time home buyers or help expand our services to
                           counsel those facing hardships and struggling to meet monthly housing obligations; it will
                           help improve and further affordable rental opportunities; your donation will help carry out
                           educational events and community forums to provide a voice for those often left unheard. Any
                           contribution made will help in more ways than can be listed.

                           We appreciate your support and consider you an active partner in furthering the mission of
                           our agency as we seek to reclaim the power of our communities.

When donating to EmPOWERment, Inc. in 2018-2019, please donate through the United Way of the Greater Triangle’s website: https://www.unitedwaytriangle.org/10towatch/empowermentinc/