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The Family Success Alliance

EmPOWERment, Inc is the Zone 6 Champion for the Family Success Alliance, a collective impact initiative to close the opportunity gap and end generational poverty in Orange County, North Carolina.

A diverse group of parents, elected officials, community organizations, and government partners have come together to improve children’s chances for educational and economic opportunities with a seamless “pipeline” of evidence-based programs, services, and supports from cradle to college and career.

A core component of this collaboration is the navigator program, in which successful community members (“navigators”) support families in reaching their goals, in connecting with schools and community services and programming, and in bringing family perspectives to help improve services and break down systemic barriers to success.

By being a part of the community themselves, navigators have an innate understanding of the many challenges faced by our families, and are also trusted by members of those communities. EmPOWERment, Inc is a host agency for zone navigators, and also serves on the FSA Advisory Council and partner with other nonprofits to provide services and supports directly to zone residents.

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